Betting rules

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1. The following betting rules apply to all betting contracts, which the betting customer accepts at the latest when the contract is concluded.

2. The betting company and the betting customer are parties to the contract.
There is an absolute ban on betting for children and adolescents.
An adolescent is a person between the age of 14 and 18 (years completed)

3. The betting event on which bets can be placed is determined by the betting company.

4. The betting operator has published these betting regulations in accordance with the provisions of the applicable state / country law.

5. The customer declares upon the placement of bets

a) that he / she is at least 18 years old.
In case of doubt the betting company is entitled to demand the presentation of an official ID.
Should the customer be under the age of 18 years, he / she must leave the premises of the betting company immediately.

b) that he / she has no information about the outcome of the betting event on which the bet is placed before the betting contract is concluded.

c) That the funds with which he / she places bets do not stem from any illegal activity (i.e. money laundering) and that he or she freely disposes over such funds.

d) That he / she is not involved and will not be involved in any manipulations which could influence the outcome of an event or several events on which he or she has placed a bet, and that he or she is not aware of any manipulations of these events.

e) That he / she has read the information on responsible gaming and risk of gaming-addiction.

That he or she has not applied to be barred from gambling or betting with other private or state-run companies or is barred from gambling or betting on any site.

f) That he or she places bets as an individual on his / her own behalf and not upon the commission or in association with other parties.

g) to have read, understood and recognized the general terms and conditions as well as the betting regulations in full before starting the business relationship with the betting company.

The betting company assumes no liability for illegal participation in any betting contracts in accordance with the customer's home regulations

6. The betting operator is entitled at any time to refuse to accept betting offers without giving reasons, to limit the amount of the betting stakes before accepting the bets and / or to change the odds before the bet is placed.
It is also at his own discretion to make quotas and payout limits binding for the betting customer.

7. The betting contract is concluded by accepting a betting offer.
The records of the betting company determinate the interpretation of the contract content.
In the event that a betting slip is issued, the betting customer accepts the correctness by accepting this betting slip without objection. Later complaints will not be considered.
The betting company is entitled to cancel or correct bets with typing-, arithmetic-, quota- or other errors at any time - also after the contract has been concluded.
The betting company's right to contest the contract due to error remains unaffected.

If after the conclusion of the betting contract it turns out that the content of the betting contract - for whatever reason - is neither determined nor determinable, the bet is void and the bet shall be repaid.

8. The customer shall not place bets on events in which he or she is personally involved.
Furthermore it is prohibited to place bets in the interest of third parties who are personally involved in these events.
In the event of a breach, the betting company reserves the right to cancel bets afterwards, to refuse payouts or to withhold reimbursements.
It is not the responsibility of the betting company to know whether the customer violates above provisions.
After gaining knowledge of such violations, the betting company is entitled to take the measures described above.

9. A unilateral right of withdrawal by the betting customer after the conclusion of the betting contract is excluded. The customer is solely responsible for the selection of bets made by him and cannot rely on the fact or draw any rights thereof that the data provided by the betting operator may have been incorrect or incomplete.

10. Any personal data will be processed in accordance with the applicable EU General Data Protection Regulation. The betting company is entitled and obliged to pass on all personal data of the customer to authorities or courts to clarify any suspicion of suspected betting fraud or manipulation or suspected money laundering or financing of terrorism.

11. In the event of suspected manipulation or betting fraud, the betting operator is entitled to cancel the relevant bets with the legal consequence that the use of the bets in question will be credited and the customer will be excluded from further bets. Manipulation or betting fraud is particularly suspected if, for example, one or more of the following criteria are met (not exhaustive):

a) Betting on betting events with an unusual outcome
b) Bets with unusually high payout results
c) Combined bets on unusual leagues / games
d) Tiered bets with the same or strikingly modified combinations
e) Bets that suggest a betting community and are related in terms of time and content

12. Bets are valued after the official result has been announced. Complaints regarding the valuation or crediting of winnings of any kind must be submitted to the betting company in writing no later than 14 working days after the valuation of the betting event.

13. If the betting company has issued a betting slip, the winnings will be paid out without exception upon return of the original betting slip. The betting company is not liable for any loss or damage (destruction) of the betting slip or liability of any kind (especially to pay out a winning).

14. If betting slips are not submitted within 90 days of the day following the end of the betting event, the betting customer's claim to payment expires.

The betting company may withhold the pay-out of the winnings up to 45 days after the submission of the betting slip.

In any case, the betting company may make the payment of a betting profit dependent on the customer presenting a valid photo ID.

15. The betting customer is not permitted to assign or pledge any claims against the betting company resulting from betting contracts (neither against payment nor free of charge) or to dispose of them in any other way in a legal transaction or to offset such claims against claims of the betting company.

16. In the absence of any other mandatory rules of jurisdiction, the relevant court at the physical location of the betting company's registered office is responsible for all disputes arising from the betting contract.

17. In the following cases, the bet is invalid or the betting contract is subsequently deemed to have been cancelled by mutual consent, with the legal consequence that the bet must be paid back to the betting customer:

a) If the betting event does not take place as specified in the odds sheet (e.g. if the home team right is swapped, unless the home team - for whatever reason - exercises their home team right on a foreign sports facility).

b) If the bet is placed after the actual start of the betting event on which the bet is based or not in accordance with the betting regulations. However, this does not apply to those bets which, due to their nature, are offered by the betting company even after the start of the betting event and are marked as such bets - which can also be concluded after the betting event has started. For example: Long-term bets or permitted live bets Live betting is strictly prohibited, except for bets on a (numerical) interim or final result or which team will score the next goal in football and ice hockey.

The time of the conclusion of the betting contract determined by the betting company is binding for the betting customer.

c) If a betting event is cancelled or does not take place, unless

• at the time of cancellation, a replacement date for this betting event has already been set, which is within the following two calendar days from the originally scheduled start of the betting event, or

• The betting event takes place at a later time in the course of a sporting tournament event (e.g. world, European or national championships, Olympics, tennis tournament).

d) If the betting event is cancelled without an official rating being given immediately after the cancellation. Subsequent changes to the classification (e.g. decisions “at the green table”) are therefore not taken into account.

e) If a tennis game is ended by w.o.

18. The following rules apply in particular to the assessment of the betting outcome:

a) Decisive are the results announced immediately after the end of the betting event (e.g. award ceremony if this takes place immediately after the betting event).

b) In case of soccer matches, the result after 90 minutes (regular playing time) is decisive, in case of ice hockey matches the result after 60 minutes (regular playing time).

Any extensions or penalties etc. have no influence on the betting contract unless the contracting parties have agreed on such exceptions by specifying them in written in the booking notes of the betting company (e.g. European Cup - promotion bet).

c) If two or more competitions of the same type (e.g. two giant slaloms) take place in one place, all bets that were placed before the start of the first event only apply to the first event, unless expressly agreed otherwise

19. In the case of “dead heats” (two or more participants finish in the same place), the payouts are split accordingly
(e.g. bet 100, odds on the winner: 1.8, results in a payout of 180, with two winners the payout is therefore 90, with three winners each 60)
If only two starters (teams) take part in betting events (e.g. training duel) and no tie odds are offered, the payouts are not shared in the event of "dead heats", but the entire stake is paid back.

20. If the event takes place in accordance with these General Betting Terms and Conditions, and a participant or a team does not appear at the event, the betting agreement shall continue to apply (“play or pay”); this means that bets placed on a withdrawn party shall be lost.

21. If several betting events are combined ("combination bet"), the following applies:

a) If one or more events are cancelled, aborted or do not take place for other reasons without a supplement according to point 15 c or without an official evaluation according to point 15 d, this (these) betting event (s) will be rated with the odds 1.00
This also applies to tennis games finished by w.o.

b) If all betting events are cancelled, aborted or do not take place for other reasons without a supplement according to point 15 c or without an official evaluation according to point 15 d then the betting contract is cancelled retrospectively and the bet is repaid.
This also applies to tennis games finished by w.o.

c) If the contract is concluded after the start of one or more events, the quota 1.0 applies to these events; this does not apply to the bets listed in item 15 b, 2nd sentence. If the bet is placed after all events have started, point 15 b applies accordingly.

22. No claims for damages can be made against the betting company, unless it is a matter of intent or gross negligence, because of delayed, incorrect, manipulated or improper data transmission.
The same applies to claims for damages due to system failures.
In principle, the liability of the betting operator is limited to the bet / amount or the unpaid winnings, depending on which amount is higher.

23. VAR (video referee): The betting operator reserves the right to rate bets that are placed in the period of game-critical situations (e.g. penalty, red card, decision changes by referees and / or video referees) with odds 1.0.

24. Liability of the betting company for transmission, entry and / or evaluation errors is excluded.

25. The betting operator assumes no liability for the information provided by information services, neither for completeness nor accuracy.
All information is provided without guarantee, which also applies to scores in live betting.

26. Cashout:
It is possible to perform what is known as a Cash Out on selected bets, which is the premature completion of a bet before conclusion of a betting event.
The bookmaker does not guarantee that there is a Cash Out option available for certain bets, and can change, reduce, or discontinue the Cash Out option at any time.
The selection of sports, games, and betting markets in which a customer can Cash Out is set out solely at the bookmaker’s discretion.
The sum offered to the customer if a Cash Out is requested is calculated solely at the bookmaker’s discretion. This is always non-binding and may change at any time. The offer is only accepted in effect by the customer when the Cash Out total is noted in the betting system.
Processing of the Cash Out takes place after a delay. (When the Cash Out amount was booked in the betting system)

Acceptance of the Cash Out offer means that the customer has willingly stopped part or all of the bet. There is no option whatsoever for the customer to reverse a Cash Out or a partial Cash Out.

If the Cash Out offer is successfully accepted then the bet is immediately settled and the Cash Out total is credited to the customer’s account.

A Cash Out is invalid in the following cases and Cash Out payments will be reversed:
-If the result of the bet is not as stated on the betting slip
-If there was a clear error in the odds when the bet was placed

27. Bets on the following events are not offered, completed or brokered:

a) aimed at killing or injuring people or animals, or

b) grossly violate human dignity according to the general moral sense, or

c) by which people are degraded on the basis of gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, religious belief, age or a disability, or

d) Betting on sports events in which mainly children and young people participate

e) Betting with children and adolescents as betting customers.

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